Sunward USA has the Rough Terrain Crane for every need. With a telescopic arm reach of 23' 3", nothing will ever be too far to reach. With Sunward USA's guaranteed quality standard, each machine is made to last.

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Overview Specifications 

Operating Weight: 16,535 lbs / 7,500 kg

Lift Capacity: 6,000 lbs /  2721  kg

Lift Height: 34' 5" / 10.5 m

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Main Specifications 

Deutz Engine

74 HP / 2300 RPM with Water Cooling

23' 3" Maximum Reach

900 lb Capacity at Max Reach


Secondary Specifications

Dana 3-Speed Powershift

4-Wheel / 2-Wheel / Crab Selective Steering

12v Operating Voltage

9.5L Hydraulic Oil Tank