The SWE-80F-1 Small excavator has all the power and precision you need for any job you can throw at it. With a boom-mounted drill, 69 Gallon bucket capacity, and a 62 HP YANMAR engine, this machine will be the backbone of any small excavator lineup.

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Overview Specifications 

Operating Weight: 17,200 lbs / 7,802 kg

Gross Power: 62 HP / 46.2 kW

Dig Depth: 14' 8" / 4.48 m

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Main Specifications 


4-Cylinder, 4-Stroke Water-Cooled

KYB Hydraulics

42.3 Gallons/min Displacement

Boom-Mounted Drill

7,640 lbf Digging Force

Secondary Specifications

18' 8" Dig Depth

16" Maximum Blade Depth

17" Inch Rubber Track Width

16,404 lbf Mximum Traction Force

38.3 Gal Fuel Tank

23.8 Gal Hydraulic Oil Tank

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