SWE365F 39-Ton

The SWE-365F 39-Ton large Excavator is Sunward USA's Big Dog in Town. A massive 338HP Cummins engine backs up a giant dig depth and radius. Watch your dig site empty quickly and efficiently, and never worry about big projects again. 

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Overview Specifications 

Operating Weight: 78,400 lbs / 33,562 kg

Gross Power: 338 HP / 223.7 kW @ 1,800 RPM

Dig Depth: 24' 5" / 7,442 mm

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Main Specifications 


6-Cylinder, 4-Stroke Water-Cooled with 8.9L Displacement

56,202 lbs Digging Force

396 Gal Bucket Capacity

KYB Hydraulics

71 gal/min Displacement with 4,975 psi Working Pressure

Secondary Specifications

24' 6" Dig Depth

37' Maximum Reach

24 Inch Steel Track Width

62,722 lbf maximum traction, 53,954 lbf Bucket Digging Force

172 Gal Fuel Tank

77 Gal Hydraulic Oil Tank

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