Sunward's SWE-35UF is everything you need to move some serious dirt. With a powerful chassis, robust parts for longer life, and efficient engine, this machine thrives in difficult job sites. Able to fit in narrow spaces or roam in the open, the SWE-35UF can take it all on and more.

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Overview Specifications 

Operating Weight: 8,490 lbs / 3,850 kg

Gross Power: 24.8 HP / 18.5 kW

Dig Depth: 10' 2" / 9,097 mm

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Main Specifications 


24.8 hp at 2200 rpm, 1.6L displacement

Zero Tail Swing

9.5 RPM Swing Speed

KYB Hydraulics

23.2 gal/min Displacement with 3,553 psi Working Pressure

Secondary Specifications

Multi-Functional Tools

Braided Hydraulic Lines

12 Inch Rubber Track Width

7,149 lb bucket digging force, 5,065 lb arm digging force

10.6 Gal Fuel Tank

10.8 Gal Hydraulic Oil Tank

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