Made to go where you want to, the Sunward SWE-25UF excavator has the range to tackle whatever project needs doing. With and independent boom swing, and no tail swing, this machine can deliver the power you need in the space you want.

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Overview Specifications 

Operating Weight: 5,842 lbs / 2,650 kg

Gross Power: 20 HP / 14.6 kW

Dig Depth: 8' / 2,450 mm

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Main Specifications 


3-Cylinder Water-Cooled with 1.26L Displacement

Electro Hydraulic Handles

Control accessory flow easily

KYB Hydraulics

1x20.34 gal/min Displacement

Secondary Specifications

Zero Tail Swing

No tail swing allows digging in the tightest spaces

12 Inch Rubber Track Width

24 kN Bucket Digging Force

6.9 Gal Fuel Tank

6.3 Gal Hydraulic Oil Tank