Sunward USA's SWE-20F is built for power, efficiency, and speed. This mini excavator is built on a highly durable frame for any type of working condition. With its nimble yet powerful engine, the SWE-20F can tackle any job site thrown at it.

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Overview Specifications

Operating Weight: 4,276 lbs / 1,940 kg

Gross Power: 18 HP / 13.4 kW

Dig Depth: 7' 10" / 2,387 mm

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Main Specifications 


3-Cylinder Water-Cooled with 1.267L Displacement

Telescopic Chassis

Extends from 3' 3" to 4' 5"

NACHI Hydraulics

2x21+15L/min Displacement with 2,611 psi Working Pressure

Secondary Specifications

7' 10" Dig Depth

10.4 Gallon Bucket Capacity

9 Inch Rubber Track Width

3,754 lbf maximum traction, 5,103 lbf Bucket Digging Force

6 Gal Fuel Tank

9.2 Gal Hydraulic Oil Tank

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