Small, agile, and powerful, the Sunward SWE-08B mini excavator takes versatility to a new level. The SWE-08B thrives in narrow areas, indoors, and in forestry jobs. This mini excavator will save you money with its low fuel cost, and is environmentally friendly.

Overview Specifications 

Operating Weight: 2,227 lbs / 1,010 kg

Gross Power: 9.7 HP / 7.2 kW

Dig Depth: 6' / 1,829 mm

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Main Specifications 


2-Cylinder Water-Cooled with .57L Displacement

12v Operating Voltage

36AH Battery with 12v-40A Alternator and 12v-1.0kW Starter

KYB Hydraulics

3x9.6L/min Displacement with 2x16 MPa Working Pressure

Secondary Specifications

Max Travel Speed of 1.8 mph 

Swing speed of 8.2 rpm, with a gradeability of 30 degrees.

6 Inch Rubber Track Width

2,113 lbf maximum traction, 2,113 lbf Bucket Digging Force

10L Fuel Tank

9.5L Hydraulic Oil Tank