Dick Cai meets with Sunward Corporate

January 20, 2020

                Dick Cai, President and CEO of Sunward USA, recently returned from his trip to the Sunward China manufacturing headquarters. Located in the city of Changsha within the province of Hunan, Sunward boasts massive manufacturing capabilities with its 7 warehouses and over 8 million square feet of storage for its 90-day rotating inventory of machines. With an already overflowing demand for Sunward machines in the United States, they will be very busy over the coming months preparing to ship over 100 machines to American dealerships.

                Mr. Cai met with the founder and CEO of Sunward Intelligent Equipment Corporation, Professor Qinghua He, where they discussed the upcoming Con Expo show, among other future plans. The excitement of 2020 has reached new levels with the planned expansion of Sunward USA’s equipment line and manufacturing capabilities, and Professor He and his team are anxious to break into the US market in a big way.


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Just one of the massive storage yards at Sunward Corporate