Sunward USA Exhibits at the 2019 ICUEE Show

On October 1, 2019, Sunward USA Corp officially appeared at the ICUEE exhibition in Louisville, Kentucky. We had our SWL3230 skid steer loader, SWTH634 telescopic crawler, SWE35UF mini excavator and our SWE80F small excavator on display. 

Sunward began in America as early as 10 years ago when they exported rotary drilling rigs and excavator products to the US. According to Sunward President Qinghua He, “We participated in the ICUEE exhibition for the 1st time in 2008. We were honored to be the very first Chinese based company to participate in this very unique equipment exhibition.”  The US Market has the highest standards in the world in terms of technical standards.  The requirements for various security, such as services and spare parts, are also extremely high.

 In 2015 Sunward established the first Sunward NA LLC in Utah. In 2019 it established Shanhe America Company, also known as Sunward USA, in Dallas, TX, the capital of engineering machinery in the US.  Sunward purchased assets and established Dick Cai, General Manager of the US company. The US-based localization operation team established the “Sunward USA Financing”, Sunward USA warranty” and Sunward USA after sales spare parts system, in a short period of 6 months. “This ICUEE exhibition is the first show of the new Sunward USA Team. The Sunward Brand is opening a whole new chapter in the United States” said Mike Flowers, Chief Operating Officer of Sunward USA. 

 At the exhibition site, Mr. He, the President of the company, expressed confidence and hope for the development of Sunward in the United States. It is necessary to establish a local R&D, supply and manufacturing system here locally, so that SUNWARD can take root, develop and grow in the United States! We are excited to announce our new facility located in Denton TX. We expect this facility to be the launching site of a very successful presence of Sunward USA in the strong US market.

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